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Dallas Ice Rink: Super-Glide Heavy Duty Synthetic Ice by Global Ice

oringally owned by former Stars owner Norman Green and featured opening of Klyde Warren Park
32 foot x 100 foot skating rink, can accommodate up to 90 skaters at one time.

This is the same rink that was in Klyde Warren Park, when it originally opened. The rink was owned by the Dallas Stars former owner, Norman Green, and now you can skate on it for a limited time.

synthetic ice skating rink
Synthetic Ice?
It is a high-tech plastic that you can skate on. Super-GlideĀ® is a synthetic ice skating surface composed of a proprietary blend of polymers that permit a skate blade to glide as smoothly as on real ice. Correct density is very important, too hard and the blade slips out, too soft and the surface is very slow, Super-Glide is just right.

Do we use ice skates?
Yes, we use regular ice skates on synthetic ice. We have 120 different rental pairs available in assorted sizes. If you have your own skates, you may bring them.

Is it safe?
It's just like ice skating. If you ice skate regularly or are a very experienced skater, you may notice the difference but for a novice skater, it's awesome. It actually doesn't hurt as bad as real ice when you fall!

We are located near the State Fair of Texas north gate off S. Haskell Ave.
Squarebody Saloon
723 S Haskell Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75223